Brewery open doors days

Dear Orval friends, please note that the reservations for the open door days are fully booked. Subscription is only possible through the website. We ask you not to email or phone to the brewery of Orval.

Reservations are sometimes cancelled and the liberated places will be available on the website. We advise you to check regularly this webpage and more in particular the schedule below.

The Orval brewery will hold an open house for two days, on Friday 13th and Saturday 14th of September 2019, between 08 :30 and 16 :00.

The visit is free, but only by booking. In order to allow as much as people as possible to visit the brewery, we have limited the access to 8 persons maximum per booking.

The brewery would like to welcome new visitors, please do not register to years in a row.

Attention : the visit takes about one hour and is not accessible to persons with reduced mobility.

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In compliance with the GDPR legislation, you agree when subscribing that your personal data are kept until the day of the event. For all complementary information regarding the use of your personal data, we ask you to contact us by email on rgpd@orval.be.